Is Keyword Research been Murdered by Google Hummingbird?

In case you are one of those who have a website then you might be aware of conducting keyword research. It is a standard activity and has been getting used since the commencement of SEO. The key phrases are the outline for entireness of your existence in the SERPs.

Actually keywords are not the sole rankings factors which search engines look at while determining the position of a site. There are more than two hundred signals out there which make keywords a relatively small chip of the puzzle.

Why Murderer?

You must be thinking what might perhaps make keyword research an old-fashioned practice. The answer is 2013 Hummingbird algorithm update of beloved Google.

The update got designed to engage “semantic search,” which fundamentally means that search engines are getting progressively proficient of understanding user intent and natural language inquiries. Having an idea about the motive of a user, these engines serves up the most pertinent content and pages which relate to the action Google thinks the user wants to take.

It efficiently weakens the strength of meticulous keyword matches. It permitted pages to rank for keywords linked with the queries which were not enhanced for, or even included, on-page. But you know it would be wrong to say that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is the sole factor possibly swaying the hypothetical murder of keyword research.

Alterations in Technology

Since the technological revolution in advancing rapidly, more tasks and businesses are depending on digital solutions to simplify and streamline shared and complex duties. Such a reliance on technology simply means that every discipline which influences these kinds of tools is swiftly developing and altering, as is nature of all.

If we talk about these search engines, digital helpers like Siri, Cortana and even Google’s pet brand of speech-to-text voice search are deeply impacting search engine optimization as a whole. It happens because the keywords get caught in crossfire. Such a trend is only fetching importance with fresh devices such as Google Home and Alexa stepping in the product pitch.

These types of supplies are permitting people to alter the way they search for information and products. It is indeed disrupting the present order of SEO and keyword research. In coming times, these devices might change how individuals interact with the web as a whole.

In the presence of this changing scenario of keyword relevance through the Hummingbird algorithm and progressions in search technology, it is undoubtedly denoting murder of keywords.

Don’t Panic
Well since the search engines are switching their concentration from keyword relevance to the topic relevance, it is important to discover relevant topics to your users and your industry. It is not to state that keyword research has been murdered altogether. Since making suitable and astral content is where the strength and spotlight lies, keywords are still important in the titles of pieces, tags and have to be scattered throughout the entire content itself.


The bottom line is that since you know these changing trends now, you can focus on changing from keyword research to topic research and content formation. 
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