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More than 60% of the business is done online today. Since the modern customer, laced with gadgets all the time, also prefers shopping online, making online presence of your business is crucial. And, with this need comes the burden of ranking client’s business website top in search engine result pages (SERPs). With other important business activity, like web designing, web hosting, etc., you may not be able to deal with search engine optimization part for your client. If you try to do so, you may end up providing low quality work and finally losing your client. This is where the importance of SEO reseller comes to the surface. Outsourcing your SEO services helps maintain a pleasant relationship with your clients and allow you to pay attention to core business activities.

Google keeps on changing continuously, making it important for marketers to keep themselves updated with even a single change. At the same time, it has become imperative to look for an SEO reseller agency in India and anywhere possessing a vast experience in diversified industries. It is important to analyze their history and feedback of previous clients that must be available on their website. Here are some factors that help you choose the right agency for you:

Read their blog
A good agency enjoys sharing latest updates on SEO with their existing clients as well as potential customers. They do this by blogging on their website where they share new stuff that is related to the industry and that every party involved must know. As well maintained and updated blog is an indicator of the agency’s knowledge and preparedness.

Experience in Multiple Domains
You may have customers from different industries and needs. So before you sign up with an agency, it is important to review their offerings. Check if they have expertise in handling multiple domains within your budget.

Client’s Safety and Privacy
Your privacy and your client’s safety are foremost. Don’t let your SEO reseller services agency play with your brand name and the confidential information of your clients. When it comes to handling sensitive data of your clients, you can judge agency’s attitude towards such information as the work progresses. To get a clear idea of this, you can approach their previous customers and have a talk with them. You can also get a written agreement signed that you can use for legal purpose too.

Reporting Structure
Organic SEO takes time to produce results. There is a latency period where clients want to know how their work is progressing, what is happening to the SEO part of your website and whether s/he will get results or not. To calm down your anxious clients, you can take help of weekly or monthly reporting. Therefore, it is important that the agency you hire must offer regular reporting so that you can maintain the atmosphere of trust between you and your client.

Off Page SEO and Content Strategy
Google penalty could make your clients unhappy and this will cause harm to your company in future. Google penalizes only for poor content and backlink spam. So it is important to investigate SEO off page strategy and content marketing process of the agency.

All in all, it is important to microscopically analyze each and every aspect of the SEO reseller in India before you outsource your work to them. An agency that is willing to go beyond the work scope is usually the best choice.
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