Benefits of Internal Search

We all know what normal search is, we type our query in the search engine and got the desired results. What if we don’t get the information we are looking for? Well, that’s where internal search comes into the party. When a user doesn’t get the desired info from the landing page of your website, what impression will he get?

With the help of internal search, you can target the keywords searched by the user. For example, a user visits your site and searches the keyword “home furniture”, your internal search will hold the record of that keyword and you may then add that keyword to your PPC campaign so that next time user don’t go away from your website.

Following are some useful tips about internal search.

Placing a search box:-
This is very important factor in terms of the internal search of your site. Place the search box where the user can find it easily. Some people recommend placing it at the top right corner and some at the end. But you better know the design of your website and hence have the better understanding where to place the search box correctly onto the website.

Track keywords:-
One major advantage of internal search is that you can track the keywords user search for. You can make a list of those keywords searched by the user over a week or month. Once you have a list of those keywords, change your website according to those keywords and publish content related to those.

Site Search accuracy:-
Make sure your site has accurate search otherwise it is useless to add a search box into the site. It should match the keyword typed by the user and then match that keyword into your whole site. After matching keyword, display the appropriate results.

Use Site Overlays:-
Some analytics packages show where the user clicks mostly, so you should place the search box at that place. If your search box getting clicked several times, it means you are heading towards the right way.
Examine the exit rate:-
If the exit rate of your site is high, it means that you are not doing any good to the users. People are not interested in your content anymore. Try to add more relevant content and make an effort to engage more visitors. This can be done by targeting those keywords which are captured by the internal search of your site.


Internal search has many benefits and it can drive more and more traffic to your site if applied correctly. You may get genuine traffic with the proper use of internal search. If you will keep in mind the tips mentioned above you will definitely get some more exposure in the market. If you are living in USA and need to get implemented internal search to your site, you may contact SEO reseller USA there or you can do it by yourself. I hope that this guideline will help you in improving the internal search of your website. 
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