Should You Outsource Your SEO Project To India?

Are you planning to outsource your SEO project to India? Along with the numerous blogs that talk about the advantages of offshoring SEO services to Indian companies, you come across equal number of blogs that tell you why not to outsource. Such varied thoughts and arguments can often leave you perplexed. Here in this brief write-up, we take a look at some of the criticism of offshoring your SEO project and if they truly substantiated by facts.

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# Offshoring = Poor Quality              
There is often the first criticism that you come across when you read blogs that tell you not to work with agencies that offer offshore SEO services. This is both true and false as the quality of the output often depends on the skills and expertise of the agency you are outsourcing your project to. Since the SEO industry is flourishing in India many agencies that lack skills and expertise have also opened shop. But same is the case with many companies in the Western world too and hence stereotyping this notion would be wrong.

# Language Barrier             
This is often exaggerated and many clients stay away from Indian offshore services providers fearing they would have to deal with communication gap. The fact is millions of students in India study English as their first language and the country has been offshoring for close to three decades. Reputed agencies have built strong team and hire highly qualified and skilled professionals who apart from their technical knowhow also bring in good communication skills. Interact with a reputable agency and all your fears about language barrier would be quashed.

# Lack of Control 
Let’s put it straight, you can’t exercise the same control over a vendor and his/her team as you would have over your in-house guys. That is true if you outsource the project one mile away or ten thousand miles away. On the other side you would gain on their experience of working on similar projects every day. Hiring people with similar skills and experience under your payrolls would add to your operational costs and can often be economically unviable.

# Cheap Labor     
While some see this as an advantage, others often see it as exploitation. This is again a question of context and environment. For instance an SEO professional earning $1000 per month may seem under paid in Western countries but even half that figure is considered lucrative for a young Indian professional across any industry. Thus outsourcing to India offers you cost advantage given low cost of living in the country.

# Time Zone Difference     
There are some who have even pointed out the Time Zone Difference between the two countries as reason to not offshore projects. Come-on, India companies have handled call center operations for leading Western countries and worked as per their time zones and SEO projects require only a few mails to be exchanged and a few Skype and telephone calls.  So why stress on Time Zone difference?

To sum up hiring the services of an offshore SEO services company in India offers you a number of advantages. But you need to research on the background of the company and carefully review their track record. If you err on the research part, you would have unlimited reasons to complain against India companies and when you get it right there is no better way to work on your SEO project.

In this article we quash some myths about the disadvantages of offshoring SEO project to India and how it can’t rather work in a business’ favor. 
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