Ask these 5 Questions before signing a Contract with SEO Reseller

Are you planning to expand your Internet services to include SEO? The idea of attempting to do your own SEO seems really good, isn’t it? But if search engine optimization is just the extension of your service set, the idea of doing it on your own is not recommended. The reasons are: it is a full-time task and takes a few years of dedication to develop a sustainable search ranking. In fact, many professional SEO marketers also outsource their own advertising because they have other day-to-day business activities.

SEO resellers in India are so common these days that it becomes harder to spot an agency holding a vast experience and expertise coupled with lots of rewards. You need an expert who eats, drinks and breathes the language, memes of the Internet and possesses expertise in forecasting trends.

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Five Questions that you should ask an SEO Reseller before hiring them:
The first step in the whole process of hiring an agency is to conduct an interview. Even if it takes some time, email exchange and lots of telephonic calls, you must get answers to all following questions from your perspective online marketers. Moreover, the answers must be instant, meaningful and related to current trends.  

 Question 1: What is your standard for results?
A good SEO service provider keeps a sales-oriented outcome. The one you hire must use matrices like sales and leads to get the measurable results for your clients. Page one ranking is good, but it is not enough for bringing expected profit to your business. Page one ranking increases your business credibility, but it is worthy if it converts your visitors into sales. So your SEO reseller must grade himself by tangible results, that is, sales.

Question 2: what are your criteria for choosing keywords?
The most possible answer to this question is by deeply researching your industry for the keywords and catch phrases that customers mostly searching for and responds to. Also, check if the keywords suggested by service provider matches with the keywords in your mind. If it does not match, it means one of you is off the mark.

Question 3: What is your approach to content production?
The days are gone when it was acceptable to use hyperlinks excessively and spammers would use irrelevant hyperlinks into content without making them fit into the context. Now, according to winning standards of SEO, content must be compelling, forcing readers to take actions. Keywords and hyperlinks can be used, but in a totally organic way.

Question 4: How do you create SEO-centric content?
An SEO reseller India may or may not be able to do content part. The top-quality content can be produced by working with artists, professional writers and content specialists. If your service provider is spending much time on content, then he or she may not be the master of SEO work and you have to carefully analyze it.

Question 5: What is your strategy for link building?
High quality links are crucial for a good SEO practice. High quality links are those that offer the readers what the links say. Spammy links may bring traffic to your website, but it would not bring sales and may cause legal troubles to the website’s owner.
Hire an SEO reseller in India who is clear and meaningful with their answers. Only that way, you could actually utilize the perks of SEO outsourcing.

Whenever you hire an SEO reseller, you carry some doubts and questions in your mind. It is important to clear all doubts and get satisfactory answers to all those questions prior to signing any contract with SEO resellers in India. 
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