5 Common SEO Mistakes Big Brands Make

Let’s first understand the scenario:
You have set up a team of SEO experts, nailed everything you can do to promote your online business, and ultimately got the huge traffic or customers with the first page ranking to your website that finally leads to your company’s profit. But after some time, you just notice something bad with the website – down ranking, low traffic, affected business etc. You feel everything so obscure. You had an excellent team, threw huge money on expensive SEO tools and done everything you could do, then why unfavorable results?

If this is the case, you are not alone; we’ve all been there at some point of time. Believe it or not, SEO is super easy to implement, but it takes time to master it. Please notice, tactics of search marketing keep on changing and in order to succeed, you need to keep track of these changes. Search engine, being the biggest traffic and or customer driver, holds the key to every successful online business.

But even after doing everything for improving your SEO practices, you aren’t getting the expected results; then all you have to do is correcting some very common mistakes to start getting results again with the first page ranking. Here are the 6 most common SEO mistakes that even big brands make:

Handling Online Marketing Campaign to a Non-SEO
After reading the heading, you may think that obviously you wouldn’t hire a non-SEO individual or agency. But honestly, most of the companies commit this super common mistake; sometimes due to lack of knowledge or sometimes to save on their budget. So you create search marketing blunder for your brand. It’s true that core SEO skills are not always required, but the basic skills are must (as SEO is mastered over time).
Second thing, even if you hire an external agency for your branding, having them a complete knowledge of your brand and strategies is must. How could someone market your product if they have no knowledge of what they are selling? So it’s important for your marketing manager and team to have a better understanding of your brand so that s/he can plot a successful marketing campaign for your brand and go a long way for improving it.

Preferring in-house SEO to stay within Budget
Another biggest mistake made in SEO! You hire a team of experts organically based on their present skills. But remember, SEO is not a fixed skill and you cannot go a long way with the same skill set. It changes constantly and search marketers have to keep with these changes. But an in-house team hardly finds time to research with unrelated categories and have limited access to resources and broad skill bases. So if you are really serious about your brand, it’s advisable to hire a full-time internet marketing agency or Hire dedicated SEO for the cost of 2-3 staff. Such agencies have full access to advanced skills and tools. You can also take benefits from their past experience with other campaigns. It wouldn’t save you money online, but also your precious time.

Lack of SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
It sounds surprising, but it is true for many top brands too. Companies mostly underestimate its value with regards to revenue channel. But in today’s digital world, SEO is perhaps the biggest and real revenue channel. Unfortunately, companies don’t have KPIs and plans in place for search marketing. They simply delegate it to some in-house team or external agency and get disappointing results. In order to succeed on the Internet world of business, it is important to regard SEO Consultants with strategies, thought as well as research and really as a respectful revenue channel.

Considering Brand Traffic, Sales and generic Keyword Sets the Same
Most companies see SEO revenue as a whole which leads to the biggest failure to the company. It is important to understand that search marketing is just the part of revenue, not the whole revenue. It is separate from brand traffic and sales sources of ROI. This is really important to know before planning and implement your marketing strategies.

Not Taking SEO Team at Every Step
The SEO team is an indispensable part of any online business and must be involved at every step from marketing plan to press release, from product labeling to product release and almost at every step. It really gives more advantage to the business. Overall, it’s important to value your Search engine Marketing Specialist (in-house or external agency) and understand their role of their involvement in every business activity.

So now you know the five most common SEO blunders made by big brands. Keep this in mind and give new heights to your search marketing practices. 
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