How a Sophisticated SEO Strategy Helps in B2B Lead Generation

Creation of brand awareness, enhancement of brand reputation, and building up of customer loyalty generally fall under the usual goals of a marketing strategy. However, for the majority part, the primary purpose of any marketing program (and as a matter of fact an effective lead generation service) is to effectively answer the question, “How do I generate more leads with regard to my business?”

Quality versus Quantity
Digital media tools like social media optimization and mobile marketing are gaining in precedence among the diverse pool of tactics that marketers are ultimately leveraging. However, the practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an extremely viable method for lead generation when it comes to B2B. The primary problem is that quite often an SEO program’s success is eventually determined by the quantity rather than the quality of generated leads.

Based on an excerpt from the B2B Marketing Benchmark Report of 2010 by Marketing Sherpa, 24% of businesses claimed that SEO assisted them in generating a vast amount of low-quality leads. Another 17% of the total respondents claimed of generating quite a few high-quality leads via SEO. When it comes to conversion of those specific leads into customers, your sales team will eventually agree that excessive leads are not necessarily better. Qualified leads are the need of the hour.

Why your Business Requires an Excellent SEO Strategy
When done correctly, SEO can eventually drive qualified leads to your web presence at any given point in time. SEO is not merely stuffing keywords onto a website page in the hope that major search engines will render first-page results with regard to the website. An excellent SEO strategy involves immense customer profiling, in-depth research of keywords, generation of compelling content that is targeted specifically for your audience, and inserting of meaningful CTA (calls-to-action) in the most appropriate places. So outsource your SEO to a well qualified SEO agency.

Quick Tips to Keep in Mind to achieve Effective SEO Lead Generation

Tip #1: Carry Out Profiling of Customers
You will find it hard to attract leads to your business without an in-depth understanding with regard to who these leads are. Profiling of customers, which generally involves carrying out research with regard to their needs, interests, and demographics (especially why they would eventually buy from your business) is vital to tackle before coming up with an effective SEO strategy or any marketing campaign.

Tip #2: Understand what they are searching
Utilizing highly advanced keyword research tools and the right analyst to decipher the obtained data can help in throwing light on the several types of questions – which are related to your industry – that people are searching online to eventually answer. The Proper understanding of this will eventually set the stage for engaging content that will need to be generated if your SEO strategy has to deliver excellent results.

Tip #3: Write to Meet the Needs of your Customers

Once you effectively comprehend what your target audience is seeking while searching online, you would need to develop useful content for accurately answering their questions. For instance, if you own an office automation business and the research indicates that customers are searching online utilizing the terms “energy-saving printers,” you can eventually produce SEO content precisely targeting that topic. Remember that the written copy needs to be helpful and educational rather than being “pitchy.”
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  1. SEOResellerUK, thank you for the informative and thoughtful article. Many of us, me included, have searched for that "silver bullet" to develop business, but my travels always find me back in the same place... relationship building over a period of time using the best methods that resonate with who I am. I appreciate how succinctly and candidly you've written these 10 ways. I've taken SEO reseller services from Techmagnate: and withing one month thousands of leads were coming for my business.

    Thanks again for sharing!


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